Take Your BBQ To A New Level

Tom & Josh's Orgasmic Slabs (The Slabs) was founded in 1996 by Josh Wilson and his cousin Tom Wilson. Tom & Josh decided to start competing at the 1996 American Royal where they received a 7th place honorable mention in chicken for their "Tommy Wings". Unfortunately, Tom passed away in January 1998.
Kyle Laval joined the Slabs in May of 1998. With the help of their family and friends the Slabs have prospered in competition. Stephanie's son, Brent Richardson, is the junior member of the team having won Grand Champion Kids Que in Laurie, MO, two years in a row, among other accomplishments.
In 2001, they won numerous top ten awards, but by winning the 2001 Johnson County Barbeque Championship in Warrensburg, MO, they were in the American Royal Invitational and had their names picked from the Jack Daniels World Invitational pool. At Jack Daniels, they received 1st place in the chicken category and 9th place overall. In 2002, numerous top ten awards were earned, Reserve Grand Champion honors at Lawrence, KS; Platte City, MO and Jamesport, MO. The Grand Champion win at the Paola Roots Fest in Paola, KS took the team to the American Royal Invitational and first alternate (and were able to compete!) for Jack Daniels 2002!

Stephanie Wilson
I started out with The Slabs as the "Party Coordinator". I secured sponsorships, cooked the party meat, and chilled and partook of the adult beverages. After the 1997 American Royal Tom & Josh asked me if I would cook with the team. After accepting the invitation I was looking forward to the '98 season. In January 1998, my brother Tom passed away and it became a mission for me to carry on his name.
Kyle joined the team and with the mentoring of Smokin' in the Boys Room's Richard and Lynn Kancel and through trial and error we've been fortunate to have accomplished a lot. BBQ is a family affair. My sister, Val, is a night owl and we call her "The Maintainer" for staying up late. My son, Brent, is our junior member cooking in the Kids Que's where they're available. He doesn't think it's too bad to hang out with Mom on the weekends!

What do I do? Purchase the items, PR, I'm known as the "Lettuce Fanatic" to many produce managers across the United States.....basically I make sure that we have everything we need and that things run as smooth as possible.

If you're ever at your local grocery store and you pass by the backroom of the produce section and you see a chick in a do-rag picking through boxes of lettuce and parsley, using their equipment to make it the way that I want it, its me... stop by and say Hello!

Kyle Laval

My first experience with competition barbeque was like a lot of other peoples, the party. I specialized in the American Royal 1996-1998. Fortunately, no hard evidence remains, only rumor and sketchy memories (something about Vodka and freight trains and moving from the "Zoo-Side" to the Invitational side), indicates that my party skills were accomplished.

In 1998 I was asked to join The Slabs and found out about the other way to party at a contest... cooking it. My first contest was Pleasant Hill, MO. It rained from dawn Saturday until 2:00 pm. We finished 8th out of 15 teams and were called 3rd in Brisket. I've been hooked ever since.